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Paternidad (o algo por el estilo)

(click acá para la versión en inglés) Hace unos años, una de mis mejores amigas creó el concepto de ser “una mujer con un perro” para definir ese momento en que se ha alcanzado un cierto punto en la vida, … Continue reading

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How to be Good

(I apologize to Nick Hornby for stealing the title of his novel for this post) I’ve been a teaching assistant (TA, from now on) for almost 5 years; 3 of those in Buenos Aires, and the other 2 here in East Lansing. I’ve … Continue reading

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Taste of home

Nico and I hosted a potluck for New Year’s Eve. Our friend Chieh was craving a ricotta pie (we had talked about it before, so it wasn’t a new craving, which made it even more pressing), so I decided I’d make one … Continue reading

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Another Nico-approved vegetarian recipe

Being a vegetarian and living with a carnivore isn’t easy. Sharing meals with friends isn’t easy, either. I used to be a pretty easy-going person when it came to food (look at my hips and you’ll see I’m not lying). … Continue reading

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Would you say it’s luck?

I got an email from a friend last night. He was complaining about his bad luck. He actually said he’s been unlucky since he was a child. Yes, I know how sad this sounds, and I’m not trying to make … Continue reading

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Not-so-vegan Pie

This is a short post; I promised Chieh I would give her the recipe for my pie crust. This recipe was originally vegan, but I decided that using half a cup of oil was too fattening, so I replaced half … Continue reading

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Parenthood (or something on the ballpark)

(versión en español) Some years ago, one of my best friends coined the concept of being “a lady with a dog”, meaning having reached a particular social status, having accomplished something in your life.  That day I was complaining about … Continue reading

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