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Language barrier (yes, you have an accent; deal with it)

I sat at my first English class when I was 7. I had no idea what was that all about, but I went for it. I remember that some months later, the teacher asked my mom if we used to … Continue reading

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Taste of home II

There are probably two things about me you already know: I have a sweet tooth that gets terribly annoying when I’m stressed and I have no will power to resist it. I’ve sat at a chair, in front of my … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day (or Why my students rock)

In the Argentina I know, we don’t celebrate St Valentine’s Day. So I’ve never received Valentine’s Day cards, I haven’t been anyone’s valentine or anything of the sort. Until this year. Remember how I was concerned about being a good … Continue reading

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Cuándo me convertí en adulta?

(y por qué nadie me avisó??) Todavía recuerdo la conversación y la rara sensación que me provocó. Iani y yo estábamos esperando el colectivo, después de una tarde de compras (y de mucho mirar vidrieras, claro) en Plaza Serrano, nuestro … Continue reading

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Chemistry will make me fat

Well, of course it isn’t exactly like that. What will make me REALLY fat is not being able to control my chocolate/any kind of sweet cravings when I’m studying (this gets harder as I get more anxious about my oral … Continue reading

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When did I become an adult?

(and why did no one warn me??) (versión en castellano) I still remember the conversation and the weird feeling it brought with it. Iani and I were waiting for the bus, after having spent an afternoon of clothes shopping (and … Continue reading

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Who is that girl?

Oh yes, I’ve been completely MIA. I know. The thing is, with my second year oral coming soon (31 days as of today, and only because this is a leap year), my stress levels are higher than ever. Science (and … Continue reading

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