Valentine’s Day (or Why my students rock)

In the Argentina I know, we don’t celebrate St Valentine’s Day. So I’ve never received Valentine’s Day cards, I haven’t been anyone’s valentine or anything of the sort. Until this year.

Remember how I was concerned about being a good TA? Well, I have to say I think I’m doing a better job this semester. I have almost the same students as last semester (there were ~50 of them in the fall, now I have ~40, and only one of them is new), and more of them are asking questions in class, and I think I’m being nicer when answering. That makes me feel good, it makes me feel I’m improving. Yay for me!

My goal for this semester is to get better reviews than in the fall. Since almost all the reviews will be second-time ones, I will be able to compare them with the previous ones. I expect to see an improvement (I’ll keep you posted… I’m sure all of you can’t wait to hear about this!).

Oh, crap. I can really digress, eh? Let’s go back to Valentine’s day and you’ll see the connection between the above paragraphs.

I teach on Mondays, and my students have to turn in their homework sets then. Last Monday (2/13), as I was collecting their assignments, one of them gave me hers and said “you should look at page 2 on my homework”. Much to my surprise, there was this huge Valentine’s day card:

yay! she made my day (and my face turned completely red, I'm sure)

Have I mentioned this was my first Valentine’s Day card ever? I was so happy!

On Tuesday, another of my students gave my a card, and I got another one (plus a Hershey’s kiss!) on Wednesday. Those girls are the sweetest. Hold your tongues, people… my male students wouldn’t do something like this, so we’re not facing a “TA crush” case here.

To be fair, these girls already liked me last semester, so there isn’t a real improvement here. But having students being this nice to me tells me I’m not doing this so wrong. My goal is not to have 3 people that like me and 30+ that don’t, but I know that’s not the case here either.

Things like these can certainly brighten my existence, even more so when my morale is pretty low (blame my oral exam). Appreciation does go a long way…

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