End of the semester

Another semester has gone by and a feel like I’ve been hit by a truck. Honestly. With my 2nd year oral, loads of teaching duties and the half marathon training, I am as exhausted as I can be.

I’m happy, though. It’s been a good semester.

I ran 10 miles (yes, non-stop, 10 freaking miles!! I’m so proud) last Saturday. And I’m supposed to do 11 miles this Saturday, and then 13.1 miles the following Saturday. And then I will sleep, and I won’t care if the world falls apart while I’m sleeping. Well, maybe that’s an overstatement. But I’m planning on seriously sleeping after that. And eating Mexican food. The half marathon is on Cinco de Mayo.

I held office hours for the last time this evening. I enjoyed it; after a year teaching these guys, we’ve gotten to know each other, and we make jokes half of the time. For some reason, they have developed this obsession about meeting Nico and the cats, which adds to the ridiculousness. These guys crack me up. I sometimes complain about how time-consuming teaching is, but I love it.

I passed my 2nd year exam and became a PhD candidate this semester. Yes, I’m proud of that; it was a major accomplishment for me. Things are less stressful in the lab now, and that’s always a plus.

I am honestly happy about this semester, but it has left me more tired than I can explain. Physically and mentally tired. I just feel like sleeping and watching silly movies for several days in a row (I’m seriously considering buying the 8 Harry Potter movies in DVD. Seriously. OK, I actually bought it and then cancelled it. Oops, this is getting two long of a digression. Oh well. Should I buy those DVDs or not?). Working out this week has been really hard. Not so much because my body is tired or sore, but because my mind is sick of it. I feel I’ve been pushing myself so hard for the whole semester (for different reasons, it’s true, but I haven’t given myself a real break since Christmas) that now I don’t want to work anymore, or workout or anything like that. I just want a couple of days for myself!!

Well, there’s only one week left. A week from today I’ll be getting ready for our weekend trip to Indy and the half marathon and the mexican food and the tons of sleep. Hooray! We’re almost there.

I’ll say it once again so I don’t forget about it. This has been a good semester and that makes me happy.

May I sleep now?

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3 Responses to End of the semester

  1. Hey, really 10 miles? I am still contemplating getting up in the morning for jogging… still have not, so I’m impressed. And yes, tired, that sounds normal. Happy end of the semester! And rest, enjoy, watch “2 and a half men” TV series! 😉

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