Habemus Papa

Do you know what the most profitable business is? Buy an Argentinean for what they’re worth, and then sell it for what they say they’re worth.

No, I am not suggesting you involve in illegal activities. This is a pretty popular joke in Latin America. We, Argentineans, are well-known for our huge egos and lack of humility. Having an Argentinean Pope seems likely to make things worse.

Now let’s get serious here. Argentina is the best country in the world. Have you heard about Gardel? (seriously? don’t you know what tango is? then check this out). What about Maradona? Messi? Are you a basketball fan? Then Manu Ginóbili may be familiar to you. Let’s talk about science then: do you know what monoclonal antibodies are? They were discovered by an Argentinean (and some other people from not-as-important countries). Who was the first Latin American Nobel laureate in sciences? Bernardo Houssay. And the first Spanish-speaking Nobel laureate in chemistry? Luis F. Leloir. I hope you don’t have to have coronary artery bypass surgery, but if you do, then thank René Favaloro, who happened to be Argentinean.

Do you know how they take your fingerprints every time you go through a security checkpoint at an airport? And how you use a ballpoint pen to doodle when bored? What about blood banks? Those are certainly useful, right?

Where is the widest avenue in the world? The widest river? The highest peak of the Western and Southern Hemispheres?

And don’t even get me started on dulce de leche (no, no link to Wikipedia here; if you don’t know what dulce de leche is, you’re not worth my time).

You might have not heard about this, but one of Maradona’s nicknames is “God” (yes, we’re convinced that God is Argentinean… and some people have taken that to an extreme). And then, Messi is of course the messiah. Having an Argentinean Pope was just a matter of time.

Oh, have I mentioned that this is the first non-European Pope ever?

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2 Responses to Habemus Papa

  1. Edita en forma urgente. Ramon y Cajal hablaba español y gano el Nobel de Medicina en 1906. Leloir ni siquiera es el primero, no hay que olvidarse de Don Bernardo.

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