2014. Ready or not, here we go.

Well, 2013 certainly was a crazy crazy year. Yes, that’s part of the reason why I haven’t blogged since March. I should be better about this, but part of the thing is, if only a handful of my friends read my blog, wouldn’t it be easier to just email them? which is something I’m not that good at, either. And my blog posts serve a different purpose. Okay, I’ll try to be better at this. Maybe I should make it a New Year Resolution. It’s better than “I’ll work out more” or “I’ll floss every day”, which are things I have covered.

So yes, one of my New Year Resolutions (NYR from now on) is to blog more often. There are so many crazy things I think about, I should write about them. That might help my sanity. Or not. Oh well.

I have two more NYRs. One is to be better with money and actually save some. These past months have seen me spend much money. There were good reasons, and then there was crap. This has to change. I’ll probably blog about this at some point, but for now let’s leave it at that.

The other NYR is to educate myself. This, coming from a person who’s been in school since 1992 (holy f**k! that’s 22 years) might sound a bit weird. But there are so many things to learn, so much to listen to, to read, to watch… I am a fairly good reader (my goal for this year is to read 24 books; yes, of course I have a goodreads profile!), but I am a lousy movie watcher. I have this idea that I won’t enjoy/understand “smart movies”, those movies that “cultured people” watch and enjoy, so I don’t watch them, and miss out. Yes, I do realize how stupid this is, but I have a hard time overcoming it, hence my NYR. Maybe I could blog about the movies I watch. It doesn’t sound like a bad idea.

But this is not what I want to blog about today (you see? my thoughts are always in the way of my intentions). I’d like to talk about the past and then get into 2014 and my plans and all that. It should be a nice way to wrap up my 2013 and get ready for this year. I’m in New York City at the moment, flying back to EL tomorrow morning; the semester begins on Monday, so I’m in a sort of temporal limbo that’s perfect for this kind of balance that I was thinking of.

This is the 6th New Year that Nico and I go through since we met (in August 2008):

*When 2009 began, we both were in Buenos Aires. I spent it NYE with my good friends Iani, Dofi and Pau. It was a lot of fun (4 crazy girls dancing in one apartment; it sounds silly but it was a blast). Nico and I were official but not so serious back then, so spending the holidays together didn’t cross our minds.

*We were together in Chicago when 2010 began. That was a ridiculously cold winter that got me acquainted with real cold and snow and slippery side walks. I sucked it up and enjoyed the awesome city.

*We kicked off 2011 in Washington, DC with our friends Tere and Andy (they were dating back then and now they’re married. Wow.)

*We hosted a NYE dinner/potluck in East Lansing when 2012 began. We had several friends over, ate too much and ran around the block with an empty suitcase after midnight. This is supposed to grant you many trips during the new year. It worked for me.

*Then 2013 found us in Argentina again; Nico was in the south with his family and friends, I was in Buenos Aires with mine. We had spent Christmas together with my dad, so we were on our own for NYE.

*And now we’ve started 2014 in New York. I love this city! The weather has been rather unkind to us; it rained a lot a couple of days ago and now there’s a Winter Storm Watch; it’s been snowing since yesterday evening. It hasn’t really thwarted our plans, but it’s made our days not as pleasant as they could have been. Oh well. Being cold in NYC is better than being cold in East Lansing any day.

So, what’s next? The answer is: WHO KNOWS. And no, I’m not being philosophical or anything like that. Nico will start his residency this summer, but we won’t find out where until Match Day (March 21). The result of his match will determine many things and that’s stressing. I try not to think about it much, we just have to wait until March. It drives me nuts.

All in all, 2013 was a good year. Crazy, but good. Two babies were born (Linus, Annie’s son, and Iria, our sweet niece), which is huge.


Iria, our sweet cute lovely niece.

I went to my first conference as a graduate student. I bought a sewing machine and became sort of a craftaholic (this might sound like nothing, but it was big to me, and it’s been great to fight depression). My dad visited us. And I’m sure I’m forgetting stuff.


My dad came to Michigan! Yay!

What’s on tap for 2014? First of all, a crap ton of work. I’m teaching a new class this semester, which will bring its own demanding workload. I also need to make progress in my research, because ideally I want to graduate by December 2015… right now that sounds impossible. Many hours will be spent in the lab this year (and here I could also start talking about how I should work smarter, not harder, but the truth is I need to do both and talking about that stresses me out. We are not doing this today).

Since Nico will be moving to a different town (I’m keeping my fingers crossed for Chicago), the cats and I will have to move to a smaller apartment. I am so not looking forward to apartment searching and moving!

I’m giving half-marathons another try: I’m running the Bayshore Half Marathon on May 24. This is both exciting and scary. I’ll start training for it in March. I don’t care how slow I run it, I want to run the whole thing. Just that. The race is in Traverse City, MI, so we’re making it a girls’ weekend up there. No matter how hard the race is, it’ll be a fun weekend.

My dad is turning 75 this year, so I’d love to go home for that. That’s in July, so hopefully I’ll be able to take some time off then.

And, going back to the beginning of my post, I’ll blog more, learn how to manage my money and educate myself.

It will be an intense year, and I don’t think there will be much time to be bored. Bring. It. On.

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One Response to 2014. Ready or not, here we go.

  1. Alli says:

    Every time I read your blogs and how much fun you are having with everyone else, I am so happy for you, but a little jealous! I wish I could see you!!! Me Quierrorooo

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