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(or How I Was Supposed to Be Fluent in Two Languages) Note: this post was written in February 2014, but for some reason never made it to my blog. You’ll spot some anachronisms but I won’t fix them. [DAR 12/2014] … Continue reading

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2014 (Insert Quirky Title Here)

Surprise! I haven’t blogged in over 11 months and so, SO much has happened in that time that I’m not sure where to start or what title this post should have. I’ll try to keep it coherent enough (ha! we … Continue reading

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Snowed in II

The snow day quickly became one and a half and finally 2 days. Thanks MSU for being reasonable and not exposing your people to dangerously cold conditions. This winter confinement has brought an unexpected productivity with it. As I said … Continue reading

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Snowed in

They say Necessity is the mother of Invention. I’d add that (sometimes) Boredom is the mother of Productivity. I got back to East Lansing yesterday afternoon and was welcomed by my cats and a Snow Storm Warning. The former have … Continue reading

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2014. Ready or not, here we go.

Well, 2013 certainly was a crazy crazy year. Yes, that’s part of the reason why I haven’t blogged since March. I should be better about this, but part of the thing is, if only a handful of my friends read … Continue reading

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Habemus Papa

Do you know what the most profitable business is? Buy an Argentinean for what they’re worth, and then sell it for what they say they’re worth. No, I am not suggesting you involve in illegal activities. This is a pretty … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day II

Disclaimer: Being Argentinean, I grew up barely aware of Valentine’s Day. As a teenager, Hollywood taught me about it, and before I turned 20 it had been added to the “special days” calendar in Argentina. I never though of 2/14 … Continue reading

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